Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunny Southern Utah

I doesn't get better than this. To describe the view in front of me, sunny walls of broken limestone, a gentle wind and perfect temperatures. I'm in sunny southern Utah, resting today after many weeks of hard work, and a great day with my friends in Joes Valley. This patio is so perfect and at peace with the desert surrounding it- open. Today is the first day in a long time that I took the time to sit still and reflect, to free my mind of the day to day. I'm lucky that I have great people to work with, and my family, and my friends. Today quite simply is everything that has accumulated to this, and it can be gone with a breath. Really I feel libre, free, at peace. Joes was a great stop, my first of many more to come. I have been enjoying the simplicity of bouldering, and I have many things to improve upon. I realize that strength is more than just power, it's core, it's a combination of everything. I have a hard time sitting still, it's not how I'm wired and my attention shifts between so many things. The past few sessions have been experiences in understanding how to calm down and relax, today is a lesson in the same.

I sat in the sun, talked a bit amongst friends, we all did what we needed, took our time. Keith, Lauren and I went to Saint George to La carnaciera, tres amigos marketa, bought some produce and enjoyed the authenticity of a Mexican market. This past year has also been a lesson in Spanish, and for the past month has fallen by the waste side. However I practice when I can and I enjoy understanding the culture a bit more. It seems to me that many of my days have been filled with urgency and stress to finish this or that, and life becomes hurried the hours pass then the days, the weeks and now the years. I see this pace of American life, and today I enjoyed the simplicity and warmth of the Hispanic culture here. I know that I'm lucky, and I work that much harder when I'm home. For now we have fresh food to cook tonight. Reflecting on our day at Joe's was fun, my fingertips feel the same. One note worthy send was Laurens of resident evil... awesome she is the most tenacious climber I have ever seen. I learn a lot from her every time I climb, and I see where I can improve, most of all it is an attitude that comes with a love of life. We hit the road late last night and headed to Hurricane, I enjoyed catching up with Keith, it's been along time, a true friend I enjoy laughing at the most random and hilarious finds that he has of movies and TV shows, comedy and audio books. Keith is the most technologically advanced person I know and also the most unfortunate. While I have been on my first I pod going on 5 years... well each occupation comes with it's own stresses. So as the shadows grow in the distance, the desert is still, today was perfect, I'm looking forward to enjoying a great dinner together, restful sleep and climbing tomorrow.

Unwinding is a necessary part of life, and retouching why I climb boils down to the people I climb with, we share a common passion and essence for life, it is simply as simple as you make it. I'm heading to the Black and Tan tomorrow, and looking forward to bouldering on a rope! Cheers and take life slow, I'm still learning to be still.