Thursday, May 22, 2008

more climbing

Beyond the storm clouds we have finally found some ray's of sunshine in the Gorge. Simply amazing, this place is overwhelmingly huge on a scale that is unmatched to any limestone I have ever seen. We all needed some rays of sunshine, returning to Marsellie yesterday to pick up a car I raced back through the French countryside, a familiar road now, back to our temporary yet perfectly comfortable stay at L' Gite de Escalar. We were able to get in a number of good pitches and each rap into the gorge is a small adventure. It's unlike any crag I have ever climbed, the approaches are simple until you reach the rim of the great chasm. It's a dissorienting feeling and one that arouses equall emotion. The climbing is difficult  "old school" and full value, I'm humbled yet perfectly content. The weather is still unstable and it has been wearing on all of us, but that's just part of the experiance. Tomorrow brings good weather again and were heading back to some incredible looking lines we saw today. France is awsome, ancient castles great people. The mornings are as simple as the life here in La Palud. 


Bryan said...

dude, great write up! Glad you made it there safe and hopefully you will have more sunny days then not. Keep the trip reports comin'.
Byron Out

Anonymous said...

Some times Brian, I wonder why you don't write more for a profession. Your'e definitely talented with awesome writing skills! Love all the posts so far. Hope all is going well!

sock hands said...

sometimes rainy days can force you to climb something you would have never thought of before... whether finding the enjoyment of a random dry moderate or sorting out the first crux of something you'd never expect to be able to do despite its wet top, some of my most memorable days were wet.

if you get cabin fever, throw the rope bag on and find a little surprise of your own, son.

sock hands said...