Thursday, May 8, 2008

Asi es la vida

There are some very simple things that I hope to find are universal, at a minimum,I hope they are consistent in the world.

1. That there is a common language that does not have to be spoken, give and you shall receive, act with good intentions and that your good energy will be felt.

2. That life is an endless pursuit of new experiences, and that those are priceless, of no monetary value. I woke up the other day to the handyman radio show last Saturday Am 740, I can relate I build stuff for the simplest explanation. The host started to talk about the things we pay for, it was a simple answer, " most people that spend their hard earned money on things, over all, appear to be unhappier than those that spent their money on experiences and travel." I know that one day I'll look back at my life and say I lived it, and I simple can't wait to spend my time with others that feel the same; a common bond amongst friends in the world.

In two day's I leave for France and I think that I have been putting this blog off to gain some perspective before I leave. What to say, how to feel? Really it's all very exhilarating, my good friends have been keeping me busy with various home projects, and my mind has been fairly mellow and calm beneath it all. Trying to satisfy all the things in my life is proving to be very difficult, ( so sorry about the belated phone calls, e-mails climbing plans ect...) Asi es la vida, meaning: thus is life.

I can't even really explain where my thoughts are right now, a bit apprehensive, bit nervous about making all my flights, excited to climb and filled with curiosity. Really I find it amazing, I'm humbled to have this opportunity and grateful for the support and love from all my friends and family.

I often find that things in my life come full circle, encompassing all my experiences, the good with the bad, and everything in between. What I see is that learning is a never ending process and as we grow older often our lives become contained and repetitive, I look forward to experiences that put me " out there" to feel and to grow, thus, things do often come full circle. Dreams become realizations, goals can be obtained and the opportunities we work so hard for become reality. I'm very pleased that through everything I have done in my life and all my daydreaming and hard work, that in this trip, I now find my life has again, come full circle.

Living it and loving it!


Barbara said...

Love your new site. Hope you have access to a computer on your trip so that we can keep up with all you are doing. Would love to know that you reached your destination and have met up with everyone. Stay safe and have a great time. Love, Mom

Luke said...

Wow! Love the first post and look forward to lots more during and after your trip. You've already given me some things to think about....

sock hands said...

very good post... things to contemplate, etc... sets the tone as a deep and philosophical individual... NOW, you can be free to post ridiculousness and shenanagans without feeling guilty